COVID-19 Hub

Welcome to our COVID-19 resource hub.

There are two sections: knowing the facts and how the Church can respond.

The “knowing the facts” section covers:

  • Key facts about COVID-19 from the World Health Organization
  • Countering misinformation
  • Long COVID
  • COVID-19 vaccine information and countering misinformation
  • Guidance for churches, including guidance on reopening as safely as possible
  • Guidance for schools
  • What is COVID-19 / Coronavirus?
  • What is a virus?

The “how the Church can respond” section covers:

  • Spiritual and theological resources, including Bible studies written for use during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Supporting community preparedness
  • Supporting impoverished, vulnerable and marginalised people
  • Examples of how churches across the Anglican Communion are taking action to support impoverished, vulnerable and marginalised people in their communities
  • Supporting people living in lockdown, including sections on mental health and domestic abuse
  • Church and community engagement
  • Supporting people though dying and bereavement
  • Reopening churches as safely as possible
  • Other resource hubs on faith-based responses to COVID-19

This is a living resource, which is under development and being updated as the situation evolves.

Please provide us with your own contributions where requested.
And please let us know if there are other areas you need covering: