Gender and emergencies

Women are especially hard hit by emergencies: as the United Nation’s Michelle de Bachelet has said: “It’s more dangerous to be a woman than a combattant in a conflict zone today.”

Protecting and empowering women and girls affected by emergencies is a key priority for the Anglican Alliance. We promote and support a proactive role of churches in fighting discrimination and power inequalities.

Anglicans in Goma, in the Diocese of Bukavu, DRC, have done inspiring work to support women affected by conflict. Many women who turn to the Church in Goma for help have received physical impairments as a result of gender-based violence: rape is used as a weapon of war in DRC. Some women have enduring mental health difficulties as a result of these atrocities.

Anglicans in Goma are working to support the women, and reconcile them with their families where possible. It’s inspiring work, and the Alliance is learning from it to share around the Communion.

See our interactive page on gender and emergencies here.