Anglican responses to climate change: local level

Salt-tolerant seedlings on their way to Ontong Java. Food security initiative of the Anglican Church of Melanesia - adapting to increased soli salinity.

On this page are examples of how Anglicans are responding to the impacts of climate change locally  – whether in responding to disasters, helping with long-term recovery, preparing for disasters and building community resilience, undertaking mitigation initiatives, helping communities adapt to the changing climate, making people more aware, or through other action and advocacy.

Some of these are highlighted in the 4-page summary of Anglican Responses to Climate Change, which you can download from the resources section on the right of this page.

There will be many more than those highlighted here, and we apologise to those whose work is not mentioned. Please let us know about other initiatives you know of, or are involved with, so we can develop this page further and share other examples of great practice.

NB: See also our other two pages of responses for: examples of connecting and sharing across the Communion and for examples of Communion-wide initiatives.

Examples of local responses

Responding to disasters – some recent examples include:

The youth call centre ‘Cyber Warrior’ team. Image: Church of South India, Diocese of East Kerala

Helping with long term recovery:

Disaster preparedness and resilience-building:

Mitigation initiatives:

Young Anglicans leading the way:

Helping communities adapt to the consequences of a changing climate:

Engaging the Church:

Investment and advocacy: