Content for a DIY Climate Webinar

On September 20th and October 4th 2021, the ACC COP26 Working Group hosted two webinars to enthuse and equip Anglican leadership ahead of the upcoming climate negotiations in Glasgow.

This page recreates those webinars.

You can use the content, links and downloads to go through the material again, share it with others or hold your own webinar.

Below is the running order we used, with notes and links. A Word document version is in the Resources section on the right.

Please let us know if you use any of this and found it helpful! We’d love to hear about it.



With the suggested timings, the webinar is 1 hour and 50 minutes long.

Welcome (3-5 minutes)
Welcome people as they arrive:

  • Mute people on arrival
  • Welcome participants to the webinar
  • Say who you are
  • Invite introductions in the chat – name, location.
  • Invite questions in Q & A facility or chat if no Q & A facility
  • Start recording if you are going to be recording
  • Give an overview of the webinar’s content

Introduce and play the video of Archbishop Julio’s welcome. (4 minutes)
Archbishop Julio Murray is the Anglican Communion’s lead primate (archbishop) for the environment. He is the chair of the Anglican Communion Environmental Network and the ACC COP26 Working Group. Archbishop Julio is the Bishop of Panama, Archbishop of Central America (IARCA).
Video also available in Spanish, here: Welcome and introduction in Spanish.

Reflection (6 minutes)
Introduce and play Troubled Waters (also available in Portuguese, Spanish, French and Arabic).
The Troubled Waters reflection helps set the scene for the issues we will be looking at.

Introduce the breakout group time: What the questions are; how long the groups have; remind rapporteurs to capture key points.

Breakout groups (20 minutes)
1.     What climate change impacts and consequences are we experiencing in our country, diocese or province?
2.     What might God be saying to us?

Return to main session

Biblical reflection (5 minutes)
Introduce and play the video of Bishop Manuel’s reflection on Isaiah 43:1-3

Break (5 minutes)

Climate 101 (25 minutes)
Introduce and play the Climate 101 section.
The video clip includes an example of action from the Anglican Communion: Anglican youth in Tonga.
If you would like to play the clip of Archbishop Thabo Makgoba speaking at the Presidential Climate Commission, you will find the video here . The section you need starts at 1.14.51 and ends at 1.27.31.

Breakout Groups (20 minutes)
1. What are the advocacy opportunities?
2. What are the threats or challenges to advocacy in our context?
3. How can we encourage or inspire our political leaders into greater change?

Return to main session

Questions, discussion and sharing of information and resources (10 minutes)
Questions and conversation (optional)
Share information about resources and other initiatives happening both locally and globally.
Let participants know about the Anglican Communion Environment Network and the Climate Emergency hub on the Anglican Alliance’s website.

The Ask (5 minutes)
Say or discuss what you want to happen in your parish, diocese or province.
Include this call to action by a young Anglican: Youth voice –  Vanessa Nakate.

Closing prayers (5 minutes)
Include this prayer walk video.