Disability and emergencies

People with disabilities often need more support during emergencies. And some people suffer injuries, illness or assault during emergencies which leave them in need of care. The Anglican Alliance supports local churches as they work for the wellbeing and dignity of people with disabilities affected by disasters.

People with disabilities can be forgotten in emergencies: vulnerable and often separated from their families or carers. The Anglican Alliance has a special mandate to support people with disabilities who are affected by emergencies, to find ways to share best practice in care and support, and to advocate for the international community to give more attention to these people.

An Alliance visit to Mayukwayukwa refugee camp in Zambia highlighted the plight of people with complex needs who were caught up in emergencies, the large number of civilians who suffered amputations as a result of being caught in crossfire between combattants, and the pressing need for us as Anglicans to develop some toolkits and resources for our capacity-building. We’re now building up this expertise.

See our interactive page on disability and emergencies.