Sustainable development goals

Anglicans have a powerful voice and we have made it heard, as the United Nations finalised the future of international action to end world poverty.

Once the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) expired at the end of 2015, new goals came in to place. This is called the post-2015 development agenda, or the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Some of the MDGs have been very successful in seeing communities and organisations around the world work together to end poverty and promote human welfare.

The SDGs were developed to build on this success, and to address some of the gaps where progress has not yet been seen.


The action/2015 movement brought together civil society organisations to mobilise citizens worldwide to take part in the post-2015 development agenda


MY World

Anglicans around the world have taken part in the MY World campaign and had their say in the future of global development.

The MY World global survey presented the post-2015 UN High Level Panel with the top priorities of Anglicans worldwide as they set new development goals.

Results were shared with world leaders as they met to discuss the next development agenda.

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Our first ever global webinar took place in September 2013 and brought together Anglican leaders and development experts in an international online debate on the post-2015 development goals. You can listen to the full recording on our Youtube channel.

Another of our webinars, on 24th June 2014, discussed how Anglicans can mobilise and take part in advocacy initiatives, both locally and globally. This recording is also available on our YouTube channel.