Asset Based Transformation

Local churches are connecting with their communities to bring about positive change – together.

Church and Community Mobilisation – sometimes called Asset-Based Community Development or Umoja – is transforming grassroots development work in Anglican and Episcopal churches worldwide.

The process helps churches discover a different path to social and spiritual change, one that is rooted in Christian teachings and values. And one that has them reaching out to their communities.

They are taking a new look at their environment and envisioning the changes they want to make.

They are discovering the assets and resources that already exist among them.

They are establishing development projects together that offer answers to problems as diverse as erosion, loneliness, school drop out, and the exclusion of people with disabilities.

They are getting people to take a lead to make a difference.

They are generating excitement and hope in positive change.

Umoja means “together” in Swahili.

The Anglican Alliance convenes the Anglican Umoja Family. This includes:

  • Tearfund, a Christian agency which led on developing the Umoja resources
  • Mothers’ Union
  • Council for Anglican Provinces in Africa
  • Other Anglican agencies that share the vision of supporting the churches to be equipped to lead transformational, holistic mission

This coalition supports networking, training of local facilitators and development of thematic toolkits.