World Environment Day Interfaith Forum

Perth Town Hall


The Anglican Church of Australia




In hosting the event, the Anglican EcoCare Commission provided an opportunity for interfaith dialogue on the importance of caring for the environment, and to discuss the way that each of our faiths calls us to act on climate change. 


The forum (a panel discussion) was chaired by The Reverend Canon Frank Sheehan and was made up of representatives from Aboriginal, Christian, Buddhist, Jewish and Muslim traditions.

A supplimentary resource “Grounded in our Faith” was also published, and the event was followed by a Halal and Kosher meal that about 350 people shared. 

See below for info panelists 

The Reverend Canon Frank Sheehan

Canon Frank Sheehan is the School Chaplain and Director of the Centre for Ethics at Christ Church Grammar School. He is also the Senior Canon at St George’s Cathedral.

Professor Samina Yasmeen

Professor Samina Yasmeen is Director of the Centre for Muslim States and Societies and lectures in Political Science and International Relations in the School of Social and Cultural Studies, the University of Western Australia (UWA), Perth.

Ms Marie Taylor (and Welcome to Country)

Marie Taylor is a proud descendant of the Whadjuck/Barlardong Noongar people, the most ancient peoples of the world, and also of Dutch heritage. Marie’s Noongar association ensures that the sustainability of Noongar culture, traditions, language, spirituality and heritage continues. She combines her Christian faith and work into this ancient heritage.

Abbot Ajahn Brahm

Ajahn Brahm is the Abbot of Bodhinyana Monastery, in Serpentine, Western Australia, the Spiritual Director of the Buddhist Society of Western Australia, Spiritual Adviser to the Buddhist Society of Victoria, Spiritual Adviser to the Buddhist Society of South Australia, Spiritual Patron of the Buddhist Fellowship in Singapore, and is currently working with monks and nuns of all Buddhist traditions to establish the Australian Sangha Association.

Rabbi Dovid Freilich, Shlita

The rabbi of Perth Synagogue, Perth Hebrew Congregation and also Mora D’asra of Western Australia is Horav Dovid Freilich, Shlita. Rabbi Freilich received rabbinic qualifications from Jew’s College, London which is under the auspices of the Chief Rabbi of the British Commonwealth.

The Right Reverend Bishop Tom Wilmot


Bishop Tom is an Assistant Bishop of the Anglican Church, Diocese of Perth. Bishop Tom is chair of the Anglican EcoCare Commission, a member of the Public Affairs Commission and is the Primate’s appointee to the Anglican Communion Environment Network. 


About 350 from all faith traditions attended the event. The panelists were well recieved, and their messages were clear – our faith calls us to act on climate change! 

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