Slave-Labour Conditions on Ships


The Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand & Polynesia




To change New Zealand legislation to ensure that all foreign workers on foreign charter vessels in New Zealand waters come under NZ law. To ensure the crew of the Oyang 75 ship receive their pay.


Look after immediate needs of one particular crew ( of the Oyang 75 ship) who walked off their boats in Lyttleton Harbour last year. Join with other groups actively involved with the issue including the Indonesian Society and Slave Free Seas to raise awareness of the plight of crew in NZ waters. Draw international attention to the issue and frame it as a national embarrassment. Keep media engagement and pressure on ministry of labour and fisheries (including petitions and appearance at ministerial inquiry).


New Zealand law change. All foreign charter vessels must be reflagged within 4 years. Oyang crew is still unpaid.

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