Programme for Ecumenical Accompaniment in Colombia (PEAC)

7 zones affected by the armed conflict. Pilot Project San Onofre-Montes de Maria.


The Episcopal Church in the USA (Latino and Caribbean dioceses)




As an initiative of the Colombia Roundtable of the Latin American Council of Churches ,with Bishop Fransisco Duque as it President, PEAC aims to become a permanent non-violent witness to the presence-in-solidarity of the churches and the national and international ecumenical community among communities and organisations who work for and support the return of displaced communities to their land, the defence of human rights, political advocacy, the pursuit of justice and the up-building of life and peace through dialogue in Colombia.


Provide protective presence through international Ecumenical Accompaniers in 7 zones where the member churches have work with the communities experiencing a present threat from the armed conflict.
Engage in ecumenical advocacy in the defense of human rights and in support of a negotiated solution for a just peace in Colombia , nationally, regionally, internationally.


– use the practice of accompaniment and political advocacy to support local and international efforts to find a negotiated solution to the conflict in Colombia on the basis of international law.
– Decrease the level of violence, intimidation and fear in the accompanied communities by protective presence.-
-Increase the communities sense of Hope and power to act on their own behalf through international solidarity.
– increase the communities’ potential to organise their own protection and security, in ways that demonstrate and affirm the inter-dependence of the members of those communities.
– Establish an international network of churches actively working to raise public and political awareness of the reality in Colombia and advocating just and negotiated solutions for sustainable Peace in Colombia as an expression of the public witness of the church ecumenical.

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