Olo Farm Agricultural Production

ECS Olo Area Diocese Maridi Western Equatoria State, South Sudan


The Episcopal Church of the Sudan




Produce quality food, improve community’s livelihood and invest in development by the end of 2012.

a. To supply quality food product
b. To create job opportunity for the community around Olo Area
c. To demonstrate and disseminate knowledge on how to establish farming.
d.To improve the level of food production and lifestyle of the community.

Western Equatoria State has good rainfall and very fertile land that needs to be utilized. Yet in South Sudan, the food supply is coming from neighbouring countries like Uganda, Kenya and DR Congo. Further, here in Olo we face difficulties in fully supporting the IDPs and returnees and responding to the consequences of climate warming. We have designed this project to contribute to local food security and income generating activities.


The project is in the planning stages at the moment and requires a donor(s) in order to be implemented. Our planned activities include the establishment of demonstration centre for farming, measures to improve crop processing and prevent damage in storage, and investment in farming and farmers in the local community, including people who are refugees or internally displaced.


a) Reduction in the proportion of crop losses due to poor crop processing and damage in storage.
b) Increased and active participation of all stakeholders.
c) Improvements in health as a result of improved and better food security.
d) Increased ability of farmers to purchase agricultural input and to support other local development initiatives.
e) Increased availability of quality crops in the local markets at affordable prices.

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