Construction of Primary schools

Republic of Southern Sudan (Lakes state), Rumbek East county. Cueibet county, Rumbek North county and Wulu county


The Episcopal Church of the Sudan




To promote a conducive learning environment of Panawac primary school by working with the communities around Panawac Village and other stakeholders strive towards improvement in the quality of teaching and learning for all the children and adults in this community.


1) schools building – we aim to construct one standardized school with adequate facilities as a model school by 2013 in Panawac
2) Quality teaching to improve education environment of children learning


School infrastructures are well built in the community and children enrolment is increase. There has been an improvement of conducive learning educational spaces and a reduction of overcrowding of children in a single class and under the trees. There has also been a reduction of education dropout and a reduction of long travelling of children from their homes to the school.

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