Just Joy Bridging School



The Church of the Province of Central Africa




Just Joy Bridging School provides primary level education to orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in Harare, Zimbabwe.

OVC are usually unable to access formal primary level schooling due to isues such as poverty, lack of identification and neglect.  They are usually found working on the street.


Just Joy Bridging Organisation (JJBO) has community based volunteers that identify OVC and approach them and their care-givers.  They offer them time at the Bridging School where they are included in classes appropriate to their age.

Seven classes from grade 0 to 6 are taught.  All children who complete grade 6 have the chance to enroll into a formal school at grade 7 so that they can sit their public exams. 

The school has only five volunteers at the moment, and as OVC families are unable to pay for their education, funding is a big obstacle. 


120 children are currently in school (in October 2013).  Just Joy provides primary school education to these children, as well as food and support to them and their families. 

Just Joy seek to give every child every right – they are treated as equal to other children and there is no discrimination to having their needs met. 

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