Environmental Conservation in Pacong


The Episcopal Church of the Sudan




  • To create awareness of the current soil erosion and degradation problem with the aim to promote integrated environmental conservation measures for increase food production and security.
  • To train the people on environmental conservation and its importance.
  • To explore environmentally friendly alternative farming techniques (e.g. organic farming, stoves that use less charcoal and firewood, etc).
  • To establish tree nurseries for reforestation and protection of water sources.
  • To distribute seedlings to the planting areas.


  • To conduct seminars to sensitize the society all zones of Pacong Diocese.
  • To establish 30 tree nursery centers near the river.
  • To train 30 trainers on alternative technology.
  • To plant almost 3 million trees in the area of the Diocese.


  • Formation of 30 tree nurseries in centers in 5 zones of the diocese.
  • People with added knowledge in environmental conservation.
  • People that preserve the environment by planting at least 10 trees per person each year for tree years.
  • Local government that is protecting the environment by by-laws and education to the people.
  • Planting of 3 million trees in open spaces and in water sources in zones of the diocese.
  • Increased bee keeping, and consequently increased honey production.
  • Reduced use of chemical as pesticides in farming activities.
  • Increased use of energy saving stoves.
  • No or reduced grazing in reserve areas.
  • A sustainable three nursery and environmental conservation in Pacong

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