Fight with Malaria



The Church of the Province of Southern Africa


Angola (Missionary Diocese)


  • Improve the level of knowledge about malaria among populations in rural areas
  • Promote the change of attitude and behavior of people by instilling the habit of using mosquito nets
  • Increase the coverage of insecticide treated long lasting nets in remote rural communities to 80% coverage with priority on pregnant women and children under 5 years
  • Mobilize the rural population to join the movement to combat malaria
  • Instruct mothers in the communities on the integrated management of childhood illness
  • Contribute to the reduction of morbidity and mortality from malaria and other diseases



  • Training of Community health workers and volunteers from malaria activists
  • Mobilization and community education
  • Distribution of mosquito nets treated with long-lasting insecticidal
  • Monitoring and Evaluation



  • Improvement of health status in communities
  • Reduction of morbidity and mortality from malaria and other diseases in communities.
  • Improvement of behavioral indicators
  • Increase in coverage


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