Edinburgh Festival of Spirituality and Peace

Edinburgh and the outlying areas


The Scottish Episcopal Church




FoSP is committed to the principles of creativity, inclusivity and dialogue and to modelling the dynamics of peace making: to sponsor the kind of conversations and encounters which need to happen in the wider world if there is to be peace and respect for all – and to garner wisdom wherever it is to be found. Therefore our programme creates opportunities for engagement for those who seek constructively to address the issues of our time, to promote dialogue and to build community in diversity.


The Festival of Spirituality and Peace is a programme of around 300 activities in 200 events across 15 venues taking place in August each year. There are top-quality speakers, conversations, performances, film, food, exhibitions, family activities, workshops, art, culture and much more. All of these events aim to promote peace or encourage audiences to engage with their own or other people’s spirituality. The Festival is now looking forward to its twelfth year. For a more detailed account of our activity please visit our website www.festivalofspirituality.org.uk.


Our audiences have grown from a few hundred in the early days to in excess of 20,000 now. Such an increase shows that there is a clear role for such a festival. Our 2011 programme was our biggest yet with events across all genres, in venues around and beyond Edinburgh.
Throughout this period of rapid growth we have been supported by the Scottish Government, the City of Edinburgh Council and others. The programme has grown not only in size but in depth and reach. As well as the public events programme, we have also developed Civic Cafes which are invitation-based events where we delve more deeply into topical, often controversial, issues gathering a range of voices of those with personal or professional interest. Also our volunteer programme, which has won Investing in Volunteers status.

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