Community Outreach in Central Philippines



The Episcopal Church in the Philippines


Central Philippines


We envision a dynamic and vibrant church of caring, witnessing and mission-oriented communities.


Community Organizing and visioning, community project management, community advocacy.


1] 1, 028 households in 14 communities are enjoying access to adequate potable water supply

2] 323 households in 4 communities have access to two-room public toilets

3] Reduction of water-borne diseases in 5 communities by 44%.Good grooming such as regular bathing, washing of clothes and dishes are being practiced by these communities.

4] 1 community has gained access to electric power supply through the setting-up of a solar system that charge batteries for household use

5] 27 local functional institutions organized/enhanced and are managing their respective projects

6] 31 communities have established livelihood activities, 10 communities with agricultural facilities, 2 mechanized transport system, 2 irrigation systems, 5 rural industries, 6 cooperatives, 3 marketing programs and 11 communities using appropriate technologies.

7] 771 women are emancipated from manual rice pounding and 2080 women saves time from fetching water

8] 30, 685 fruit and forest trees planted in 11 communities and 7 nurseries established

9] 38 community profiles developed

10] 244 Trainings were conducted in 47 communities which includes Basic Leadership, Gender Sensitivity, Values Formation, Project Management, Environmental Management, and Local Governance

11] Project beneficiaries have contributed a total of P 1, 718, 667 or 5.69% of the total costs of all projects in terms of free labor, food, cash, and materials.

12] A total collection of P71, 850.00 was given back to the local churches

13] 20 communities were able to get additional funds for the project from the government and 15 were able to tap LGU staff/resource persons for trainings and seminars. P 1,395,825.00 was accessed from local government or equivalent to 3.30% of total project funds