Economic Empowerment – Village Community Bank (VICOBA)

Diocese of Morogoro


The Anglican Church of Tanzania




To reduce poverty in our communities through the use of Village Community Banks. 


– We form groups of people interested in forming a Village Community Bank (VICOBA) and provide training on how to start up and run VICOBA groups. We then facilitate them in setting it up.

– The VICOBA group provides savings and credit services within the group. 

– This facilitates the funding for the start up and running of income generating activities in the community. 

– Group members can also use the credit to fund other expenses such as their childrens’ education. 

– We then monitor and follow up on these activities. 



The communities have an improved standard of living. Some are able to improve the quality of their houses and develop sustainable sources of income. 

The VICOBA groups have been particularly successful among women and over 95% of members of VICOBA groups are female. Facilitated by the ICDP many have used these schemes to solve financial contstraints to increase their family’s intake of nutritious food, pay medical bills and set up small businesses. Some have been able to pay for their children’s education and others have improved their homes. 

Due to the strong participation of women, the VICOBA groups have facilitated the economic emancipation and empowerment of many women in the area. 

Increasing gender equality has had a positive impact on the wellbeing of children and reduces poverty. Economic growth has increased through the participation of women in the marketplace.