Food Security

The Diocese of Morogoro


The Anglican Church of Tanzania




To fight poverty and hunger in our communities. 


We are: 

– forming farmers groups.

– Training our communities in good animal husbandry practices. 

– Purchasing and distributing dairy cattle among the group members. 

– Following up on the distribution of ‘Pass On’ animals to other group members. 

– Following up on the return of ‘Pass Back’ animals to the project holder. 

– Facilitating community visits to other villages to learn and share best pactice. 


– Community members have more stable access to food and have assurance of a market for their animal products. 

– Improved family nutrition status and health, sustainable assets, livelihood and wellbeing. 

– Men and women are showing a zeal to learn more and believe that through such capacity building they will overcome the socio-economic challenges they face. Many now see agriculture not just as a way of subsistance living but as a resource which will lift them out of poverty.