Take part in 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence with this resource for churches worldwide

22 November 2014

To mark this annual international campaign the Anglican Alliance has worked with other members of the We Will Speak Out coalition to produce a resource for prayer, reflection and action during the 16 Days campaign.

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The resource can be used by individuals, home groups or church groups day by day – you can engage with the testimonies of survivors of sexual and gender based violence through prayer and Biblical reflections, and by taking actions to end sexual and gender based violence.

Highlighted in the resource are key ways in which you can get involved in the campaign:

  • Wearing a white ribbon on 25 November as part of the White Ribbon campaign
  • Holding a Speak Out Sunday in your church on one of the Sundays in the 16 Days
  • Raising awareness about the connection between HIV and sexual violence on World AIDS Day on 1 December
  • Encouraging men to be a part of the First Man Standing campaign and model positive masculinities in their relationships and communities
  • Equipping your church to respond with care and support to the needs of survivors of domestic violence by downloading a Restored Church Pack and by upholding the Restored Church Charter

<p “text-align: center;”>Download the 16 days resource by clicking this link

In 2014 the Anglican Communion has highlighted the positive role of men speaking out to end sexual and gender based violence.  You can listen to their voices in the video below.

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Speaking to the Anglican Communion News Service, the Revd Terrie Robinson, Director for Women in Church & Society at the Anglican Communion Office, said, “Typically, activists during the 16 Days have been women, so it’s always very encouraging when men stand in solidarity with women, speak out and make a commitment to act to end and prevent gender based violence – and encourage other men to do the same.”

“We know that men and boys can be victims and survivors of gender based violence too. For the 16 Days, the focus is on ending violence against women and girls but any activism that promotes equal and respectful relationships will be good news, all year round, whoever and wherever we are.”

In a letter to churches worldwide Archbishop Francisco Da Silva, Primate of the Church in Brazil, said, “We need to assume the project that Jesus left us, examples of welcome, respect, listening, and affirming human dignity. And in this context, that women received from him very special attention. In front of Jesus, women had their thoughts and speech respected, their rights recognized, and their dignity assured.”

He continued, “This is not a problem to be ignored. We need to confront it with courage! In these days of activism – and not just these days – may we assume inside and outside of the Church, the commitment to overcome violence against women.”

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Picture credit: © Sarah Malian, Christian Aid