The Pilsdon at Malling Community

West Malling, Kent


The Church of England




For the relief of financial need and the relief of sickness and the preservation and protection of good physical and mental health by offering accommodation, hospitality and spiritual refreshment to those who by reason of poverty, disability, mental or spiritual incapacity or inability to manage their own affairs are in need of such refuge without regard to race, gender or creed. For the advancement of the Christian religion by the formation and maintenance of a community of people who from time to time will endeavour to live together as one household in order to welcome people in need and be united in love and prayer according to the precepts of the Christian gospels.


Provide a safe and structured environment for those who for diverse reasons would otherwise be homeless.


Over the last 7 years Pilsdon at Malling has helped dozens of people to live a more stable life in society. Over the years Pilsdon at Malling has become a valuable part of the local community.

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