Kasama Anglican Children’s Project

Kasama, Northern Province, Zambia


The Church of the Province of Central Africa




To achieve improved and sustained lives and livelihoods of the orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in Kasama through education and empowerment programmes.


Kasama Anglican Children’s Programmes (KACP) activities being implemented in the past, present and future are divided into four (4) activity packages in line with its goals and objectives as follows:

(1) Provision of a centre in order to enhance spiritual and physical support to the OVC through
mentorship and counseling and also to take part in recreational activities.

(2) Enhancing social and economic empowerment of
households for the benefit of the OVC through the provision of training in income generating activities and providing loans for entreprenuership projects.

(3) Provision of educational assistance to the OVC ie a sponsorship scheme that helps the OVC with uniforms,
school supplies and school fees.

(4) Create awareness and enable community participation through effective use of community based
volunteers as OVC care givers.


(1) Improved physical and spiritual development of the OVC.

(2) Enhanced education opportunities for the OVC.

(3) Increased community awareness and participation in supporting the OVC.

(4) Households with OVCs will be empowered socially and economically.

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