St. Raphael’s Hospital

Korogwe, Tanga


The Anglican Church of Tanzania




Reduce the burden of disease, maternal and infant mortality and provision of adequate and equitable maternal and child health services, facilitate the promotion of environmental health and sanitation, control of communicable diseases and treatment of common conditions.


• Out-patient and In-patient care.
• Perform general surgical and obstetric operations.
• To accelerate the access and utilization of HIV/AIDS care and treatment services
• Act as referral centre for patients from lower level health facilities.
• Conduct teaching and training of middle and operational level health cadre.


• Community participation is increased in health promotion for communicable and non-communicable diseases, Maternal Newborn and Child health.
• Number of eligible adults and children with HIV infection receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART) is increased
• Production of required health workforce increased, in order to match with demands in the Diocese.
• Increasing Hospital utilization rates and lower case fatality rates.

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