St Augustine Hospital, Muheza Designated District Hospital

Muheza Tanga, United Republic of Tanzania


The Anglican Church of Tanzania




• To provide a centre of excellence for patient care, a good environment for patients, and for staff to work in, and to maintain flexibility in development, striving continually for higher standards in all aspects of patient Care.

• As a designated district hospital our goal is to promote health in the district by working in collaboration with the District Council under the regulations determined by the Ministry of Health and social welfare.

• As a hospital with Clinicians and nurses training schools our goal is to train nurses and clinicians at higher standards, who will work showing Christian love for their patients and witness to Jesus as the Truth in their total care of patients especially in recording observations and reports about patients.

• As a Christian institution we want to foster the fellowship of all Christians on the staff and welcome opportunities for sharing in Christian witness to other staff and patients.


• Care and treatment of patients
• Maternity and reproductive services
• Pediatrics and Child health services
• Palliative care
• Community outreach services
• Training of health personnel
• Conducting medical research
• Preventive services


• Making a Tarmac road to hospital (the existing one, which is 0.45Km long, is dusty, potholed and very stubborn during rain seasons)
• A Competent workforce for health
• High quality health care services
• A healthy Tanzanian population

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