St. Francis Hospital Kwamkono Handeni

Kwamkono Handeni Tanga Tanzania


The Anglican Church of Tanzania




• To provide excellent health care for patients, good and ethical environment for both patients and for staff to work in.

• To promote health in the district by working in collaboration with the Handeni District Council under the regulations determined by the Ministry of Health and social welfare.

• As a Christian institution we want to foster the fellowship of all Christians on the staff and welcome opportunities for sharing in Christian witness to other staff and patients.


• Provision of outpatient services to the sick.
• Provision of inpatient services to the sick.
• Promotion of reproductive and child health services to the community.
• Promotion of maternal and child health services to the community.
• To conduct mobile clinic and outreach to the community.
• Provision of laboratory services to people who become sick who need medical attention.
• To provide ART to people who living with HIV/AIDS infection and opportunistic diseases (CTC services).
• To treat people who are infected by tuberculosis leprosy (TB and leprosy services)
• To conduct Obstetric emergence services.
• To initiate Voluntary counseling and testing (VCT)
• To strengthening PMTCT (prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV)
• To provide medical care to the disabled hostel of the Church at Kwamkono


• Health stability to the community.
• Health education has help community to prevent themselves with diseases and discover the sign of diseases at early stages this has also help us to save lives of majority in the community.
• Decrease of maternal and children under five mortality rate
• Mobile clinic and outreach has help to reduce the number of death, this is because those who can not be able to reach hospital due to an avoidable circumstances they can be able to access our services, this group among others including elders, disables and patients with very poor conditions also mobile clinic and outreach has enable us to provide immunization to children under five in the community.
• HIV AIDS education has help to reduce the number of death caused by it.

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