St Andrew’s Settlement



The Church in the Province of the West Indies


Jamaica & The Cayman Islands


St Andrew’s Settlement is a church based social welfare organisation.  It offers services which give direct benefit to the residents of Majesty Gardens – a densely populated inner city community in the western section of Kingston.

The key objective is to educate, challenge, and plant seeds of transformation into the hearts and minds of members of the community. 


Services include:

  • Golden Agers Programme – we provide meals, medical support and recreational activities for over 70’s.
  • Community health programme – a health centre caters to the physical needs of the community.
  • Early Childhood Education Programme – a basic school was set up in 1954 and now has 100 pupils on the roll.
  • Youth development programmes – sporting and cultural activities, grief counselling, mentoring, a homework programme, annual summer camp, scholarships for secondary education.


Over 7000 people are served by our community outreach programmes.

Our basic school now has 100 pupils between the ages of three and six on roll.  The school is managed by a board and the Principal, along with three full-time teachers.  Our programme is approved by the Early Childhood Commission.

An active community health programme means that approximately 350 residents are seen by a doctor and/or dentist.  The doctors freely volunteer their time and service.  Basic medication is also provided to the patients.

Children, families and the elderly depend on our feeding programmes for their meals on a daily basis. 

Day care for the elderly means that older people have access to food, friendship and medical support. 

Our youth club supports those growing up in a vulnerable community.

And our community library gives access to computers and reading materials for learning.

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