Savings and Credit Scheme (SACCOS)



The Anglican Church of Tanzania




To support people in need so they can make enough money to sustain themselves and become self sufficient.

To provide the credit they need to invest in something that will help them to support themselves. This could be a small enterprise they are working on or it could be a way of improving their current standard of living. 

To alleviate poverty. 


We have set up a Savings & Credit Scheme which people in the community become members of and save money with.

When members need credit to strat or expand a small business or another specific cause, they are able to borrow at low interest rates to make this happen. Credit from the SACCOS scheme is deposited directly into their bank accounts.


People who have benefitted from this scheme have used the money for a wide range of activities; some have bought land to expand their agricultural output, others have used it to set up a poultry farm. Some people have used the money to improve their living conditions, for example by buying roofing materials whereas others have used the money to pay for schooling. 


Individuals are able to become financially independent and realise their economic goals and visions.

Their economic gains make participants freer with extra money to spend how they want.

As individuals use the initial investment to grow a business, they become more financially stable which enables them to pay for things they previously could not afford. Some people have managed to improve the nutrition their whole families and can better afford healthcare charges, leading to healthier communities.


Some small businesses have been so successful they have created employment for further employees within the business who are then also more financially stable and better able to support their families too. 

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