Rural Community Development Programme.


The Church of North India (United)




To reach the unreached, the special children of God – tribal, dalit, woman, child.

Build their capacity and empower them to a dignified life with equal rights in the creation of God.


Children’s and adult women’s literacy work

Promotion of livelihoods

Livestock management

Promotion and support to women self help groups

Rural life based skill training, water harvesting structures for irrigation

Micro entrepreneurship

Rural sanitation and safe drinking water

Preventive, curative and maternal (clinical) health services, including door to door health services and HIV/Aids awareness.

Partnership with Christian college ( diocesan) on UGC sponsored National programs.

Disaster mitigation and relief work.


More than 1300 tribal children are completing primary education

More than 200 youths and women are skilled

Women’s self goups are being capacitated to manage the groups activities

Dry land has been brought under irrigation through water harvesting structures

Door step and clinical health services have been established, including a rural health clinic in the forest

Facilitation of vaccination of livestock and artificial insemination of cows; livestock health management has improved.

Promotion of tribal heritage and culture

Successful completion of a national seminar with theeducational institute.

Improvements in rural sanitation

Migrating labourers have been made aware of hiv/aids.

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