Reproductive Health Programme for Foreign Domestic Workers

Hong Kong


Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui


Diocese of Hong Kong Island


Through conducting a series of reproductive health activities including organizing an AIDS Festival, publication of materials and holding educational talks/workshops,conducting research projects, we aim to empower the target population with sufficient reproductive health knowledge and get access to the health care services while they work in Hong Kong.


1. Run seminars/workshops on reproductive health such as HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, cervical cancer, mental and pyschological health; patients’ rights, etc.

2. Conduct research projects associated with reproductive health area;

3. Organize outdoor carnvials such as Hong Kong Information Expo, AIDS Festival, Health Festival, to raise health awareness for the target population;


The Proejct commenced in 2004 till now. We have established a good network with the migrant community both in Hong Kong, and in the region. Several large research projects were completed and launched. Several thousands of foreign domestic workers have already benefited from the activities and the project by participating at our health seminars/talks/workshops and other carnivals. The AIDS Festival has been mounted for 8 times, and 4 information expos were conducted.

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