Mothers’ Union Literacy and Financial Education

North of Burundi


The Anglican Church of Burundi




To empower disadvantaged people, especially women and girls through the following activities

– Literacy and financial education

– Reproductive health education

– Promotion of gender equality

– Campaigns against gender-based violence

– Educating on poverty alleviation

– Micro-credit schemes


Through our activities we:

– Enable people to develop themselves by using their own means and resources and by developing self-values

– Train facilitators in new skills such as literacy, savings and credit by using PLA tools

– Capacity-build in business, savings, credit and literacy

– Monitor and evaluate programmes





To date we have:

– Trained 194 facilitators

– Established 923 accredited groups

– 5833 male and 16,063 female members accredited

– 36,000 poeple in savings schemes

– Broadened minds and given confidence and knowledge to participants, showing them that they have resources at their disposal they can utilise

– Successfully promoted women’s economic right and independence, equal access and gender equality