HIV/AIDS Prevention and Awareness Program

Cebu city


The Episcopal Church in the Philippines


Diocese of Cebu


Increased access to information and services on HIV/AIDS prevention, control and treatment among the three urban poor barangays in Cebu City.



  • Knowledge, attitudes, practices related with HIV/AIDS
  • Survey among sex workers, MSM, IDU
  • Key informant interviews


  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • T-shirts
  • Forums

Capacity Building:

  • Trainings of volunteer health workers on basics facts about HIV/AIDS
  • Skills to provide information and referral services


  • Health workers refer high-risk groups to centers for VCT

Voluntary counselling and testing:

  • Individuals avail of free HIV testing and persons positive of HIV/AIDS avail of free treatment

Networking and Advocacy:

  • Support from government agencies, NGOs, barangay councils, other groups


An example of our work was shown when trained community health workers and talked with residents vulnerable to HIV infection. They had voluntary counseling, and we referred them to government centers for testing.  A total of 85 residents were referred. Two are HIV positive. The two persons were referred to the Cebu Plus Association, a support group for HIV positive persons. They are now undergoing HIV treatment.
We have also achieved:
  • Research surveys
  • Forums on HIV/AIDS
  • Presence at World Aids Day 2012
  • Trainings on Basic HIV AIDS and voluntary counseling and testing for community volunteers

We have raised awareness through:

  • Meeting with Hipodromo Barangay Council where Barangay Captain Petronilo Fat Jr. welcomed the project and expressed his support
  • Meeting with Hipodromo people’s organization
  • Meeting with Carreta Barangay Captain Eduardo Lauron

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