Floating Gardens

Coastal Regions of Bangladesh


The Church of Bangladesh




Help communities who are affected by climate change to adapt to the new conditions. 


We are raising awareness of climate change in these areas and holding training and workshops to help people affected by climate change so they can adapt and cope with the new conditions. The intensity of the cycones has increased and expanding  areas are flooding. The intrusion of saline water has badly impacted on the crop patterns and livelihoods, of small scale farmers.  

Therefore we are using adapted technologies such as floating gardens, hanging gardens and saline tolerant crops, small scale fish culture and bottled water drip crop cultivation in order to mitigate the effects of climate change. 



In a majority of cases, the technologies have been adopted by women, who are understood to be the most vulnerable to the crisis. These women have increased their capacity and skills to increase production and improve food security and have generated increased incomes by selling the surplus. 

The impact of these programmes is very significant. Around 5,000 poor, small farm owners who live along the crisis prone areas have learned through training and workshops to better adapt to the conditions. 

Therefore many people in this region now have a finanacially sustainable future ahead in agriculture, as well as increasing food security for them and their families. 

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