Anglican Northern Malawi Development Trust

Mzuzu City with project in different areas


The Church of the Province of Central Africa


Northern Malawi


Our goal is to be a catalyst of development in the Diocesan jurisdiction that contributes to the realization of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals to 2015 and beyond.

We take a holistic approach in the propagation of the Gospel of Christ in word and service to the community regardless of faith affiliation, gender or race for realization of the kingdom values, and we seek to be the hand of God that care for its creation so as to make the world a better and safer place to live

However specific objectives include the following: 1) To contribute towards the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger in the Diocese 2) To contribute to the achievement of Universal primary education and other forms of education in the Diocese. 3) To contribute to the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women and girl child in the Diocese 4) To contribute to the eradication of child mortality in the Diocese 5) To contribute to the improvement of maternal health in the Diocese 6) To contribute to combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases in the Diocese 7) To contribute towards environmental sustainability and effects of climate change 8) To promote, justice peace and integrity of creation in the Diocese and in Malawi for the flourishing of the integral human good of God’s creation. 9) To develop a global partnership for development


Education: • Will be involved in Gender and empowerment of women with special focus to girl child and the vulnerable groups • Primary, secondary and tertiary education in marginalized areas • Early childhood Development (nursery) • Special Needs Education Women’s Desk: • Mothers Union, Daughters of the King and St Agnes • Maternal Mortality • Child mortality • Adult Literacy • Promotion of women rights • Girl Child Natural Resources: • Food security • Environment • Extreme poverty and hanger ( Demonstration Garden) • Soil and Water Conservation • Climate change and disaster management and prevention HIV/AIDS: • Care • Prevention • Support • Advocacy Primary Health and Curative Health: through management and running of Hospitals, clinics and outreach services. • Malaria • TB • Cholera • Polio etc • Water and Sanitation (hygiene)


The improvement of the peoples life in the marginalized areas.

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