Webinar on forced displacement, trafficking and slavery in Central America

24 November 2015

The webinar “Moments of Encounter: Central American Bishops Creating Alliances toward Human Rights” will take place at 11.00 in El Salvador (GMT minus 6 hours – ie. 17.00 in UK and 15.00 in Brazil). It will focus on the urgent need for victim protection in the face of internal displacement, forced migration, human trafficking and new forms of slavery in Central America.

It follows this week’s Regional Forum on Forced Displacement, Trafficking, and Slavery convened by the Foundation Cristosal and the Anglican Alliance, and hosted by the diocesan Bishop of El Salvador, the Rt Revd David Alvarado.

The panel will include the Rt Revd Julio Murray, Bishop of Panamá, Iglesia Anglicana de la Region Central de America, Jeanne Rikkers, Consultant with Foundation Cristosal and Paulo Ueti, Anglican Alliance Regional Facilitator for Latin America. The Revd Rachel Carnegie, Anglican Alliance Co-Executive Director, will also be present.

The Regional Forum has aimed to build awareness about new forms of forced displacement, trafficking and slavery in Central America, and coordinate a regional response through a network of faith based organisations (mainly churches), civil society, government and international organisations.

A report on the Forum will follow later this week.

Spanish will be the main language of the webinar, with English summaries.  Next week a recording of the webinar will be made available on the Anglican Alliance website.

Register now to participate in the webinar.

Image: Foundation Cristosal logo