Village Stories: CCMP in Myanmar

1 March 2018

Written by Annam Arumanayagam, Anglican Alliance facilitator for East Asia. 

Tucked away in the Upper Delta region is a little village which has seen the power of God’s Word transforming their lives and local church.

The small Anglican church in Bawine Village is an example of the success of the Church and Community Mobilisation Process (CCMP).

CCMP, introduced by Tearfund to the Anglican Church in Myanmar, is seeing great results in this village.  There are about 25 households in the Church and about 30-40 members are involved in the CCMP Bible Study which is held every Sunday before the Holy Communion service.

Most of the members are padi planters, fish farmers and duck breeders.  After the introduction of CCMP, the members say they have grown in spiritual life and are actively participating in church activities.  On top of that, tithes have increased.  The members decided to build a church hall (in the process) and a bell tower.  They ​are determined to do it all only with funds from among themselves.  They plan to call in professionals (carpenters etc.) only when necessary.

The youths give their time to build the hall during the summer and winter seasons (dry months).  Ladies from the Mothers’ Union shared that they used to be worried about their children but now they are happy and have hope as they have seen their children’s lives change after they studied the Bible.

The Assistant Priest, Revd. Michael Kyaw Het said that CCMP is Bible-based.  When every believer knows God’s Word, he will be able to do what appears impossible.