Update from al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza

18 June 2018

al Ahli Arab hospital, Gaza City

Following the recent violence in Gaza, al-Ahli Arab Hospital (AAH), a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem, has continued to provide medical care for those physically injured and those, particularly children, who have been traumatised by the violence.

The Programs Development Director of the Diocese, Mr Hanna Theodorie, has recently sent updates on the situation at the hospital, together with a further plea for support for their work. As previously reported (here), the hospital is only receiving a quarter of their previous standard reimbursement for patients treated from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency due to funding cuts. Details of how to support the hospital can be found at the bottom of this page.

The hospital continues to provide services to those injured in Gaza Strip during the current crisis. They are hiring additional staff to respond to the massive need after the recent weeks of tension in Gaza. The Outpatient clinics continue to receive repeat cases every day for follow up treatment and dressings.It is expected that patients will require a visit every two weeks for the duration of 6 months before they can be referred to physiotherapy department. Three serious cases were also referred to AAH from public hospitals in Gaza, and these cases need regular observation and specialist treatment over the coming period.

The surgical team of AAH and additional teams from other health institutions in the West Bank are coming to Gaza to carry out surgical operations on a number of wounded individuals. They will be dealing with major trauma injuries, including abdominal, bone and chest injuries.

The hospital welcomed a team of doctors and nurses from the Lutheran-run Augusta Victoria Hospital, Jerusalem. They came for a week and supported the medical team tending wounded Palestinians. This was the fourth delegation of doctors and health advisors, including orthopaedic and plastic surgeons, to come to Gaza to support the al-Ahli Arab Hospital and Al-Shifa Medical Complex. During their visit, the delegation performed five plastic surgery procedures, and worked collaboratively with the AAH team and Al-Shifa Medical Complex, to strengthen the infection and control system at the hospitals.

As well as sending a specialist team, the Augusta Victoria Hospital sent a shipment of medicine, IV fluids, paediatric equipment, disinfectants, medical goods and bandages to Ahli Hospital worth of €25,000. This was particularly appreciated due to the current shortfall in funding.

Hanna Theodorie, Programs Development Director for the Diocese of Jerusalem, reports that “al-Ahli Arab Hospital highly appreciates the joint and continued cooperation with Augusta Victoria Hospital and looks forward to further collaboration and assistance to serve better the Gazan community at large.”

Appealing to partners worldwide, he said: “We are still optimistic that you will once again show your generosity during this crisis and support the ongoing emergency efforts of the Diocese of Jerusalem and the al-Ahli Arab Hospital to scale up your support to the mostly affected people of Gaza”.

You can read the initial report on the situation and appeal from al-Ahli Arab Hospital here

How you can help

Please keep the people of Gaza, those affected by the violence, and the staff of al-Ahli Arab Hospital in your prayers at this time, and pray for peace, with justice, in the Holy Land.

You can donate directly to the Diocese of Jerusalem via the banking details here, supporting al-Ahli Arab hospital.

Anglican and Episcopalian agencies and groups throughout the Anglican Communion are long-time supporters of al-Ahli Arab Hospital and are already responding to the need. Some have launched specific appeals for the al-Ahli Hospital.

You can read more about how to donate to Anglican and Episcopalian appeals via the following links:

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Embrace the Middle East

Church Mission Society “Since it was founded by Church Mission Society in 1882, Al-Ahli Hospital has been a beacon of physical healing and spiritual hope in a place where both things are often so hard to find. We know that its continuing faithful presence is vital, and so we pray that its needs will be met at this crucial time.” Naomi Steinberg, Head of Communications, Church Mission Society.