Third regional consultation on human trafficking held in Brazil

9 November 2017

Participants at the anti-human trafficking consultation in Brasilia, Brazil

Salvation Army and Anglican Church participants from Central and Latin America are gathering from 6 – 10 November in Brasilia, Brazil to collaborate and learn from each other on ending human trafficking.

The meeting is being convened by the Anglican Alliance and Salvation Army and being hosted by the Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil.  29 participants have gathered from 14 countries: Chile, Venezuela, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Paraguay, Panama, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, UK, and the USA.

Bishop Maurico, the Anglican Bishop of Brasilia, welcomed the consultation group, saying:

“It’s a big honour to be able to have you all here with us in Brasilia. Trafficking is very relevant and important in Brazil. It is a reality that we have here in Brazil, in Latin America, and in Europe and the rest of the world. My prayer is that during these days we may be able to open our horizons even more to this reality. Sometimes in some context, trafficking will seem everyday and “like natural”. I ask for us to resist the pressure to see these things as natural and to transform them.”

Lt-Col Veronica Danielson, from the Salvation Army in Brazil, said:

“On behalf of the Salvation Army here in Brazil, we extend a warm welcome to each of you. This is a unique opportunity to have Christian people together, in this case the Salvation Army and the Anglican Alliance, united together here in Brazil to deal with an issue that is so serious and so relevant.”

Together the Salvation Army and the Anglican Alliance have held two workshops of this nature together before, in South Africa (for Africa) and in Nepal (for South Asia), with this consultation being the third joint consultation globally.