Safe Migration into the Gulf

The Anglican Alliance and the Mission to Seafarers convened an Ecumenical Regional Consultation on Safe Migration in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in January 2020 – just before the COVID-19 pandemic took hold globally.

The purpose of the consultation was:

  1. To share skills, create connections and build a Community of Practitioners across church denominations in the Gulf, also including churches of the Anglican Communion from sending countries.
  2. To examine and strengthen the capacity of churches to support safe migration and tackle human trafficking and modern slavery, focusing on four key areas of the Freedom Framework: Prevention of trafficking, Protection of survivors, Participation of local churches and Partnerships with others.
  3. To focus on priority vulnerable groups in the region, including migrants for domestic work and other forms of labour, and seafarers, and to learn from these groups directly.
  4. To develop an asset-based response based on the principles of Church and Community Transformation, building on faith insights and the local resources.
  5. To establish a plan of ongoing communication with the Community of Practitioners to share information, resources and expertise, strengthening the churches’ response.

The full report of the consultation will be published on this page shortly.