Women’s empowerment in sustainable small business

To the West of the Serengeti National Park and East of Lake Victoria, Northern Tanzania.


The Anglican Church of Tanzania




Improve the living standards of women through capacity building in sustainable small scale businesses.


On January 16, 2012, the Mothers Union – the women’s organization – started a sewing class in Tarime town for young girls. The project is part of the implementation of an aspect of the Diocesan plan, namely, empowerment of women and girls by providing them with skills and thereby creating opportunities for employment and self-employment. Sixteen girls who have completed seven years of primary education but could not proceed to secondary school are unemployed are enrolled. They will learn and acquire sewing skills that will help them to earn income. The project also has a social dimension in that it delays early marriages for ex-school young girls so common in the wider district. The girls pay a concession fee of $15 a month. The course lasts for six months.


Women able to contribute in church development and community issues. With this work of young girls and women we need to address the issues of violence against women and young girls. Promoting women’s income generating activities and provide a sustainable income and values addition activities in the community.

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