Refugee Assistance



The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem & The Middle East




Refuge Egypt serves asylum seekers and refugees living in Egypt who have fled their country due to war or disaster, and who have well-founded fears of return due to persecution or loss of rights.


Refuge Egypt provides humanitarian assistance, spiritual guidance and encouragement to help build self-sufficiency and self-respect in preparation for repatriation, resettlement, or integration into Egyptian society.


i) Providing Health Care programmes, both curative and preventive.ii) Promoting Self-Reliance and Dignity, in the form of vocational training and employment programs, as well as promoting small income generating projects. iii) Education Programs, for children, youth, and adults. iv) Offering Emergency Assistance in the form of food and clothing distribution to the most needy. v) Psychosocial Support and Spiritual Encouragement through counselling, community interventions and support of youth programs vi) Providing a place where displaced people can feel welcome and accepted, where their concerns are taken seriously and where they can find some respite from their troubles. vii) Advocacy, through assisting newcomer asylum seekers and/or providing referrals to other legal organizations and by participating in inter-agency forum.

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