Orphan Empowerment Programme

Misisi Township


The Church of the Province of Central Africa




To improve the livelihood of orphan headed households


Income generation activity and skills empowerment.  We are empowering 100 households in surivival skills in the areas of health, hiv aids, malaria, hygiene, nutrition, child rights, gender,  drugs awareness.  In a densely packed township Misisi  – used to be farmland.  Run it from the St Paul’s Anglican church. Use church building during the weekdays, but sometimes have to do work  in their homes. Project manager, social worker, paid for by the ministry. Also are mentors for the groups – each group from a a particular area, biggest group is 25. About 400 – 500 children helped in the households. They are identified by community leaders including headteachers, church leaders, ministry of community development.

They chose their own income generating activities, buy and sell fruit and veg or charcoal, some make things.


Just started in February. We have seen that their food has improved – used to eat once a day, now twice a day.  Gained some knowledge especially in malaria and hiv prevention.