Malaria Prevention Project

Zomba city


The Church of the Province of Central Africa


Southern Malawi - Upper Shire


Reduce malaria morbidity and mortality


– Distribution of nets

– Information, education and communication, community mobilisation, and community awareness.

– Training of malaria control agents, and religious leaders.  They go out and sensitise people,  religious leaders speak in the churches.

– Net distribution is through household visits to identify needy people.  Look for children undr five years, pregnant women, elderly and people living with Hiv aids.

– Educate people on prevention of malaria such as home management such as cleaning bushes around their homes, and cutting grasses, and avoid keeping stagnant water around their houses


Reduced malaria cases:

In children under five:

Oct 2009 – 1150

Oct 2010 – 717

Pregnant women: down from 14 to 12

Others: down from 1039 to 576


Oct 2009  – 2193

Oct 2010 – 1305