Life Skills Training



The Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea


Aipo Rongo


          Pass on basic skills to women and men in making;



Stock feed using mostly locally available materials/ingredients   

          Empower women and men with both theory and practical knowledge and understanding of how to prepare the materials, put together the materials/ingredients for the end products

          Learn basic safety standards and requirements, especially in soap making

–      Provide participants basic financial literacy so that from the skills learnt they can start their own self-sustaining projects. 



          Bible text and reflections

          Interactive theory discussions 

          Demonstration sessions from the facilitator

          Practical sessions for all participants

          Try out the end products for quality standards


          19 participants from 5 parishes within Lae city attended the training

          All participants competently demonstrated their newly acquired skills through demonstrations and final product display  

          All participants are making their own oil from coconuts which they are using for either cooking or personal body lotion

          Participants are passing on their skills to members of their parishes or Chapels

–      Some participants are now  selling their homemade products for a little income to sustain their families.