Land and Water conservation to sustain food production

All six dioceses (Bujumbura, Buye, Gitega, Makamba, Matana, Muyinga) covering the whole country


The Anglican Church of Burundi




To restore and sustain self-sufficiency in agricultural production of farmers groups and individual households as a means to increase their household income.


Tree plantation axe:
• Establishment of tree nurseries and distribution of tree seedlings
• Planting of over 1,200,000 trees to reforest degraded areas
• Establishment and training of Community Forest Management Associations to lead the management and sustainability of forests
• Environmental protection workshops held with community leaders, associations members
• Work on school farms to orientate school children on agricultural and environmental issues

Hedge plantation axe:
• planting an estimated 150 km of green hedges on hillside contours to stabilise soil and prevent runoff
• planting 500,000 shrub trees alongside hedges to improve soil stability and fertility
• planting perennial trees for fodder and shade
• providing seeds for tree nurseries
• establishing 150,000 metres of trenches – a double row of trees that forms a wall and reduces topsoil erosion
• provision of agricultural incentive products to best farmers such as seeds, fruit trees, cuttings, bulbs, etc..


• 11,000 households benefiting from reduced soil erosion and improved soil fertility
• 9,000 households benefiting from improved diets through consumption of fruit
• 9,000 households benefiting from increased household income from selling fodder