Kachere Development Program



The Church of the Province of Central Africa


Eastern Zambia


  • Integrating into the mainstream young women and girls involved in commercial sex work.
  • Providing pastoral care and support for the hard to reach.
  • Running support systems such as training in skills for tailoring, jewelry making, poultry rearing and peanut butter making so people can generate an income.


  • Engaging hard to reach people, including former sex workers who are considered the most at risk populations into training programmes in sustainable livelihood and survival skills.
  • Running a child focused programme and an integrated health and development model.


Our outcomes include:

  • Supporting 415 orphans and vulnerable children in primary and secondary school and colleges
  • Improving sanitation for 1,200 pupils in two schools through the construction of 35 ventilated improved pit latrines.
  • Providing safe and clean drinking water to 400 households
  • Empowering 640 women in social, economic and political development, which has enhanced household economic status for female-headed households
  • Supporting 600 people living with HIV
  • 100 girls withdrawn from commercial sex work
  • 80 fish farmers trained and empowered for sustainable livelihood.

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