General Education and HIV/AIDS Awareness Project

Ezo in Western Equatoria State of South Sudan


The Episcopal Church of the Sudan




To combat illiteracy throughout Ezo.

To reduce the disadvantages and stigmatisation of people who are HIV positive.


·      –  Carrying out guidance and counseling for the children so that they can cope with the situation around them such as stigma and discrimination, especially against children who are infected with HIV/AIDS.

·      – Discouraging early marriage and standing up for the right of children who are infected with HIV/AIDS or those with disabilities.

·      – Helping children develop skills such as problem solving, self mastery, decision making, assertiveness, effective communication and self esteem.

        –  Encouraging children to set up their own projects in order to become self reliant since most of them are orphans.


To have an educated and peaceful coexisting society.

To have reduced the amount of violence and discrimiation in our community.