New toolkit for disaster risk reduction released by Episcopal Relief & Development

13 October 2014

The full story from Episcopal Relief & Development is here.

‘Pastors and Disasters’ is designed to help churches to gain fluency in Disaster Risk Reduction, by gaining competence in the four core competencies: Mobilisation, Risk Assessment, Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Implementation and Disaster Response. The toolkit is a resource manual and workbook of practical tools to be used especially within the context of local Anglican or Episcopal churches and organisations. 

Twelve partner representatives joined Episcopal Relief & Development in developing this resource from Australia, Brazil, Burundi, China, El Salvador, Mozambique, Myanmar, the Solomon Islands, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Topics covered include: Anglican theological perspectives from Burundi, El Salvador and Sri Lanka; competencies in disaster risk reduction management, such as community mobilisation and risk assessment; tools including workshops, mapping exercises, communication systems and community drills; and case studies for reference. 

In its introduction the toolkit says:

“Wherever present, churches respond to disasters before, during and long after. They offer not only spiritual comfort and solidarity, but also sustainability and accountability in any response, including when its own communities and structures are affected.”

Episcopal Relief & Development carried out a comprehensive review of their programme partners in 2010, which confirmed that, “in nearly all cases, churches in affected areas responded spontaneously, quickly and instinctively.” 

They said, “The analysis revealed specific opportunities for churches to build on their experiences and formalize good practices that are congruent with international standards. Thus, our churches can elevate their ability to serve communities more effectively and leverage new response partners and resources.”

Pastors and Disasters Toolkit is available to share – anyone interested in equipping organisations to prepare for, mitigate and respond to disasters efficiently and effectively can make use of the toolkit. 

The Anglican Alliance will be promoting workshops on this resource at future meetings in collaboration with Episcopal Relief & Development and other partners.