‘Inspiring Change’ with the Anglican Alliance on International Women’s Day 2015

5 March 2015

As part of the action/2015 mobilisation, the Anglican Alliance is highlighting the significance that the post-2015 and climate negotiations this year could have for women lives throughout the world.

According to the global citizens’ movement, action/2015, the two unique political processes – one that will lead to the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals in September 2015, and the other that is expected to endorse the first climate treaty in a generation, in December 2015 – offer an unprecedented opportunity to dramatically transform the lives of women and girls and fulfil their human rights.

Some of the advances that could be agreed to this year include a commitment to zero tolerance to violence against women and girls, the repeal of discriminatory gender laws, ending child marriage, committing to gender equality and ensuring equal access to affordable, quality education.

In a high profile event and online webinar earlier this year, the Anglican Alliance, as part of the We Will Speak Out Coalition, brought together faith leaders to discuss the role of faith communities in responding to and preventing sexual and gender-based violence.

After a global inter-faith consultation, which was convened by the We Will speak Out coalition and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London, UK, the interfaith leaders declared:

“We will promote the dignity and rights of survivors of sexual violence, both female and male.  The shame for these crimes lies with the perpetrators and not those who suffer them. We have a critical role to play in tackling the root causes of sexual violence, including the subordinate and unequal status of women around the world, and harmful cultural, religious and social norms, including distorted notions of masculine identities. Ideas of culture or tradition, or misapplication of sacred texts, must never be used to allow impunity for perpetrators of sexual violence. We will also seek to work with perpetrators to end the cycle of violence.”

The full statement and recording of the online webinar is at: https://anglicanalliance.org/news/20014

The action/2015 coalition is calling on world leaders to deliver ambitious agreements that fulfil women’s rights not only as an issue of justice but also as the key strategy to tackle poverty, inequalities and climate change at two pivotal summits in 2015.  If ambitious agreements are made and kept, they could transform the lives of billions of women and girls.

Mariella Frostrup, founder of The GREAT Initiative, said:

“As the world comes together to agree a new set of global goals which we will all strive to achieve by 2030, we are on the cusp of the most significant advance for women and girls, indeed for all of us, in history. This International Women’s Day, we urge our leaders to reaffirm that sustainable development is not possible without gender equality and to commit to ambitious goals that help us realise this, in our lifetime.”


The Anglican Alliance have produced the ‘Inspiring Change’ resource for churches, groups and individuals to use on International Women’s Day, to direct their thoughts and prayers, and to guide Bible studies. 

Click here to download ‘Inspiring Change’ for International Women’s Day.

A recent blog from Episcopal Relief & Development highlights how the empowerment of women can contribute to economic growth and therefore wider development. 

Click here to see the full text, ‘Inspiring Women to Invest in Their Futures Through Financial Planning’.

More resources and information at:

International Anglican Women’s Network: http://www.iawn.anglicancommunion.org/index.cfm

Restored: http://www.restoredrelationships.org/

We Will Speak Out: http://www.wewillspeakout.org


action/2015 is a global citizens’ movement calling for pivotal change in 2015 for the future of people and the planet. 

action/2015 is comprised of 1300+ organisations and coalitions from over 130 countries. 

action/2015’s success could lead to transformative outcomes, such as:

  • an end to poverty in all its forms and development and economic systems that benefit everyone – not only the few;
  • an end to the soaring levels of inequalities and discrimination which destroy the lives of many, especially women and girls;
  • ensuring that everyone’s fundamental rights are met and realised, including access to nutritious food, clean water, essential services and decent employment;
  • an accelerated transition to 100% renewable energy so that a safe climate and sustainable economy – with all its benefits for people and planet – is possible;
  • a world where everyone can participate and hold their leaders accountable.

We envision a transformational shift that ensures gender justice and enables everyone to live their lives in dignity, free from hunger and from the fear of violence, oppression, discrimination or injustice in a way that protects the planetary systems required for survival of life on earth.  

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/action2015global

Twitter: @action2015


About the Global Summits

The UN Summit for the adoption of the Post-2015 development agenda – a framework that will succeed the Millennium Development Goals, which expire at the end of this year – will take place in New York from 28-30 September 2015.  

The United Nations Climate Change Conference, known as COP 21, will take place in Paris from 30 November – 11 December 2015 with the goal of adopting a universal climate agreement, the first since Kyoto in 1992, to limit greenhouse gases.  You can see more about the multi-faith campaign for a strong climate treaty at http://www.ourvoices.net.  Heads of State are expected to participate in both summits. 


In the picture: Archbishop Thabo Makgoba with women leaders at the launch of We Will Speak Out South Africa on 22nd November 2013.