In conversation: The Anglican Communion’s delegation to COP27 discuss the key messages of the policy paper

23 November 2022

During their time in Egypt, the Anglican Communion’s delegation to COP27 spent time together discussing the key messages of the Communion’s policy paper from their personal perspectives and experience.

You can watch the whole video recording of their conversation here or the audio only here.

Alternatively, you can watch and listen to the conversation on each key message individually by following the links below:

Key message 1: Change perspective

The climate emergency is a global threat that requires a global response, imagination and the long view. It can’t be solved if countries are caged by nationalistic self-interest or short-term political cycles. Profound changes in attitudes and ways of seeing are needed. This is something the Anglican Communion and other faith actors offer. 

Key message 2: Recognise what faith actors offer

Recognise the strategic importance of faith actors and include them as key partners in building resilience, coordinating disaster response, and other adaptation and mitigation activities. Churches and other faith actors are integral parts of local communities, have deep wells of experience and a web of relationships to perform these functions.

Key message 3: Resilience is about people and relationships, not just infrastructure

Resilience is about more than providing infrastructure. People and relationships are at the heart of community resilience, alongside practical responses. The Anglican Communion is actively building the resilience of its members across the world.

Key message 4: Include Indigenous peoples, women and youth 

Resilience planning must include comprehensive, multi-sector interventions and responses supported by adaptive and flexible funding and designed with the active participation of local and vulnerable communities, particularly Indigenous peoples, women, and youth.

Key message 5: Fulfil climate finance commitments

Governments, especially those in the Global North, must fulfil their financial commitments to climate finance, scale up development assistance to support mitigation and adaptation initiatives, double adaptation funds, encourage financial institutions to provide grants, rather than loans, and consider broad-based debt relief for financially overburdened countries.

Key message 6: Set up a loss and damage fund

We call on the parties meeting at the 27th Conference of Parties in Sharm El Sheikh, to establish fund facility for loss and damage due to climate change.