International Freedom Sunday resources launched in four languages

10 November 2017

The Anglican Alliance has launched a new international resource for churches to mark Freedom Sunday this year.  You can download the resources using the links below.

The resource is available in Spanish, Portuguese, French and English, and is based on the UK version of the resource, which was developed by a coalition of churches, agencies and faith groups in the UK.

You and your church can use the resource to learn more about human trafficking and modern slavery and how you can take action.  The resource contains the Freedom Sunday prayer, as well as sermon ideas, case studies, and links to theological and information resources.

You can download the resource using these links:





Many churches across the Anglican Communion are marking Freedom Sunday on 2 December this year, which is the United Nations’ (UN) International Day for the Abolition of Slavery.  If that date doesn’t work for your church then you can use the resource on a different date.  All that matters is that together we raise awareness of human trafficking and modern slavery and take action to end it!

In the UK and Europe, Freedom Sunday was marked on Sunday 15 October 2017, which is the closest Sunday to EU Anti-Trafficking Day, which was on Wednesday 18 October 2017.

For example, in the diocese of Bath and Wells in the UK, two events were held to mark the day and raise awareness of human trafficking and modern slavery and what the church community can do to take action.

One event explored ‘The National Picture’, and included a talk by Bishop Alistair Redfern, who is the Church of England’s lead bishop on modern slavery. Another talk explored the situation at a local level, to open people’s eyes to the reality of modern slavery in their own communities and encourage them to ‘See it and Speak out’.

We would love to hear how you have used this resource and how you are taking action. You can send your stories via the Freedom Sunday website or send an email to

You can also join the Freedom Sunday Facebook page for news and updates and keep in touch with the Anglican Alliance on Facebook and Twitter.